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Welcome to the Lomax Website where you will find details of a full range of services that we offer.  The business comprises three major divisions:-

  • Acquisitions, Mergers & Deal Origination

  • Professional Driver Training

  • Website Design & Hosting


We started in Corporate Finance in 1986, acting for PLC's and Individuals wishing to acquire or divest, and assisted businesses to generate £m's of profitable business and continue to do so.  

In the field of Professional Driver Training we acted for ten years as Company Secretary to a training business working with the now, National Highways. We did this by acting as Project or Contract Managers preparing in full or assisted with their tenders.  We also did the final review before submitting their Tenders.


We have been involved with Highways England (now National Highways) for 10 years with On-Road and Control Room Officers where we had a 95% success rate with tenders

Having an in depth knowledge of many business, where we assisted with most commercial aspects, we developed our third division, which is Website Design & Hosting using only what we consider are the best Web Servers Globally, providing fast reliable loading along with advanced technology


Unlike many consultancy practices, we have actually run businesses, at every level.  Sold our own companies to PLC's and made the front page of the Financial Times (for good reasons).  We now take this expertise into other companies, as we know that we can assist at every level.


Lomax Corporate Consultants was formed by Geoff Coppenhall, out of a Financial Services business in the 80's. Here Geoff was involved in high level corporate finance transactions.  A decision was then made to concentrate on Deal Origination, in the field of Acquisitions, Mergers & Takeovers.  This successfully continues today in conjunction with Mark Dunn Amalgamations.

​On this website we major on Corporate Training, Coaching and Assessments, in areas related to Roads, Rail and the Emergency Services, along with Website Design & Hosting.

We have worked on projects for Metropolitan Brough Councils, Unitary Authorities, Local Authorities and various Governmental Departments.  


We were involved with National Highways from its formation, working with clients to successfully run their projects for the over ten years.  

We designed bespoke systems for clients that would interface with and comply with the stringent security requirements of the then Highways Agency and subsequent Highways England.


We contract managed for clients two major Capita projects, one of which involved the training of over 1,200   personnel


We were operational with the Welsh Traffic Officer Service, working with them  24/7 to provide relief officers .



Throughout this website we illustrate, what we have done, where we have done it, and the ultimate 'End User' of our services.  At no time is it our intention to disclose our clients.

Geoff Coppenhall - Senior Partner

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