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Below are just a few of the Associates that we have been pleased to collaborate with over the years.  All are at the top of their profession, and all worked in conjunction with us; not for us.


All our Associates work on their own account, and often with ourselves for a variety of clients

Lisa Bedford-Cooper heads up all our work in the field of Psychotherapy, as such she designed a Trauma Diffusion course for the Highways Agency (now Highways England).


Having designed and agreed the course with the Highways Agency, she then delivered it to around 1,200

On-Road Traffic Officers.  

First Aid

This company, wanted Traffic Officers to control a section of the A55 on Anglesey, that was to be repaired for an extended period.  We took total control of the project, hiring in vehicles, fitting them out, set up a Private Mobile Radio Network.  The clients staff under our direction, acted as 'Wide load' escorts through the Roadworks.

On - Road Trainers

In 2013 we worked on a major Tender with client, reviewed the final documentation, and submitted it for client.  The outcome was that client was awarded the contract, to retrain all On-Road Highways England Traffic Officers (circa 1,200).


We maintained all the records, and maintained the Accounting function.

National Traffic Operations Trainers

The National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC),  interfaces with all the Regional Control Centres. At NTOC we act as Contract Managers for client, and are actively involved in:

  • Foundation Training

  • Command & Control

  • Call Handling & Leadership

  • Trauma Diffusion

Control Room Trainers

Client has an agreement to provide relief Traffic Officers to the Service.


Our role was to manage to contract in its entirety by:


  • Handling all requests for staff

  • Rostering clients staff

  • Maintaining all records

  • Submitting monthly Accounts

B + E Training & Tests

New entrants to the Highways England Traffic Officer Service are required to have Category B + E on their Licence. On behalf of client we:


  • Abstract Officers from their Rota

  • Find a Test Centre with availability

  • Arrange a Trainer, with car & trailer

  • Prepare Highways England Invoice

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