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Our Team

Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn Amalgamations was established in 1992 by its principal Mark Dunn.

Mark qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983 and continued to work with KPMG in the UK and overseas until 1986.


Following a period in corporate finance where he specialised in company sales, he established Mark Dunn Amalgamations in 1992 as a successful business brokerage practice.

Lisa Bedford-Cooper

Lisa is currently a Director the highly successful  Connexus Institute based in Brighton.

Lisa's previous responsibilities have included:-

Corporate HR specialist advising on all aspects of organisational growth and change from a training and human resources perspective.

Lex Corporation: Manager, Corporate HR and Training covering 26 diverse businesses operating within two industries, (UK, Europe, Taiwan).

Burton Group, London: Head of HR & Training for Europe, UK, Ireland – Principals division.

Mobil Oil Group

  • Adviser, Employee Relations

  • Adviser, Public Relations

  • Recruitment and Training Manager

  • Graduate Development Manager

  • Communications Adviser (Board member of the British Association of Industrial Editors

  • Analyst, Job Evaluation

  • Analyst, Compensation/Benefits

  • Foreign Resident Appointments

Geoff Coppenhall

Geoff is a former Electrical Engineer with years of experience in the chemical industry.  


He developed a security business from its start up to be one of the largest independent security companies in the UK.  This was when electronic security was in its infancy and he sold it to a plc in 1984.  


Geoff then moved into Corporate Finance and was also a Company Doctor assisting SME's.


In 1986 Geoff decided to concentrate on Deal Origination & Business Broking and has worked with Mark since 1992.

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