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Lomax Corporate Consultants - Terms and Conditions 

Relating to Websites and Online Businesses/Stores

  1. These Terms & Conditions only apply to matters relating to Websites their design and/or hosting and not to any other services provided by Lomax Corporate Consultants. By making your first monthly payment you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and are bound by them

  2. Definitions:

    1. Lomax Corporate Consultants shall be referred to as “Lomax”

    2. The Person or Business instructing Lomax shall be referred to as “the Client”

    3. Contracted Period is the period commencing on the date that Lomax receives the first payment from the Client and ending twelve months later and each anniversary

    4. A Package(s) is the suite of services that the Client has agreed to purchase from Lomax


  3. Packages(s):
    All the Packages that Lomax offers are for a minimum period of twelve months, with no up front payment, and will automatically roll on at the end of each twelve month period for a further twelve month period.


  4. Website and online businesses/stores:
    Lomax does not own any servers but uses servers belonging to highly reputable companies who are leaders in their field.  As a consequence Lomax cannot be responsible for any failure of anything that we provide, nor do Lomax accept any responsibility for any losses either actual or consequential


  5. Domains;
    Domains obtained for you remain the property of Lomax while you are in a Contracted Period with Lomax


  6. Website design:
    The Website design is the property of Lomax while you are in a Contracted Period with Lomax


  7. The Client agrees that:-

    1. The details and images you supply to Lomax are true and accurate and are an exact representation of the business/company and the services/products you/it provides.

    2. The personal details you supply about yourself and the business/company are accurate and you own the business/company or have the authority of the business/company to represent them.

    3. That any images, photographs, videos and information supplied by you is yours, or that you have permission of the copyright owner.

    4. All or any information supplied by you is not offensive, illegal or designed to be harmful to any party.

  8. Termination: 

    1. The Client can terminate their Package by giving Lomax a minimum of 60 days notice before the end of any Contracted Period, and upon termination the Client:-

      1. Can request the transfer of the Domain and/or Website to another provider

      2. Will ensure that all/any monies owed to Lomax for the current Contracted Period are paid in full

      3. Will pay a transfer fee of £250, prior to any such transfer

      4. Understands that in the event that the Client fails to make payments referred to in Clauses 8.1.1,  8.1.2 and 8.1.3 the Domain shall remain the property of Lomax and the content of any  website or online business/store may be deleted.


    2. Lomax reserves the right to suspend or terminate any  website or online business/store if the Client:-

      1. Fails to make any monthly payment in the Contracted Period

      2. Provides false or inaccurate information

      3. Acts unlawfully

    3. Should the Client be more that 30 days in arrears ​with a monthly payment then the whole of the outstanding monies due in that Contracted Period shall be due and payable

  9. Third Party Links:
    Lomax will provide links to any third party website that the Client may request, providing that it is lawful and that the third party does not object.  It shall be the Clients responsibility to monitor these links and advise Lomax of any failure. Upon notification Lomax will attempt to reconnect them but cannot guarantee the reliability of any third party link.


  10. Indemnities:
    The Client agrees that no action or claims can be brought against Lomax for any:-

    1. Misrepresentation or misleading information about products and services advertised through a website produced for the Client.

    2. Consequential loss suffered as a consequence of information about products and services advertised through a website produced for the Client

    3. Injury to persons or property caused by products and services advertised on a Clients website.

    4. Content or information held within a Clients website that infringes any copyright or intellectual rights of another party.

    5. Lomax has no responsibility to ensure a website is available on the internet if monthly payments are suspended/unpaid.

    6. Lomax accepts no responsibility in the storing and/or management of any text, video, images  or website content.

  11. Privacy:
    Please see the Lomax Privacy Policy on the website ( or request a copy


  12. Value Added Tax:
    All prices and costs shown, quoted or illustrated are exclusive of Value Added Tax which is chargeable at the rate ruling on invoice date


Version 1.1 - February 2022

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